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Link Media (Legal Social Network)

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:emoji_satellite: Each member can create their own albums and upload as much legal media as they want. Also they can fully moderate their albums and media and members can discuss and rate and review them.

:emoji_bookmark: Up to 1.1.3:
  • Upload unlimited Videos and Images
  • Embed videos
  • Batch upload
  • Create unlimited albums
  • Thumbnail for image and video and album
  • Manage albums and media
  • Share albums with others
  • Limit access or view or add media permissions to special members or visitors
  • Statistics
  • Comment on media and album
  • RSS for each album and category
  • Crop, Rotate and ...
  • Use media as avatar or in posts and ...
  • Share system
  • Tag people in media
  • tag for media
  • Profile tab of media and albums
  • Alerts
  • Watch media, album and category
  • Download media
  • Reorder media in albums
  • Filters
  • Report, Like and ...
  • Rate and Review media
:emoji_warning: Media part of Legal Social Network is not limited to these features and we try to keep it updated.
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