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Legal URL Shortener is a service provided by Dadparvar for the members of legal society of the world to let them manage their legal URLs and keep track of them. Main features of the service is as below:
Version 4.3.2:
  • Create an account and manage URLs
  • Dashboard to show quick statistics
  • Summary Chart of daily and monthly and yearly for clicks
  • Country Analysis
  • Top URLs widget
  • Recent URLs widget
  • The quick search for Shortened URLs
  • Smart Shortener (to prevent shortening the same URL multiple times)
  • Recent Activities Widget
  • Different Ways of Redirecting (Direct - Splash - Frame)
  • Custom Alias
  • Password Protection
  • Description of URL
  • Smart GeoTargeting URLs
  • Smart Device Targeting
  • Single - Multiple URL Shortening abilities
  • Bundle (Category system to manage the URLs better)
  • Public-Private Profile Page
  • Custom Overlay Page
  • Custom Splash Page
  • Archive
  • Share to social networks
  • Public-Private URLs
  • Media Gateway
  • Total Clicks - Unique Clicks statistics per URL - All URLs
  • Preview Screenshot Generator
  • QR Code generator
  • Operating System of visitors Statistics
  • Browsers of visitors statistics
  • Referrers Statistics
  • Social Shares Statistics
  • Export URLs with their summaries in CSV format
  • Bookmarklet (a tool for the browser to quickly shorten any page you visit with a single click)
  • Developer's API (shorten any URL in your site automatically using a piece of code)
  • Register/Login using your Facebook Twitter Google account
  • URL Validation
Version 5.0.0:
  • Targeting Pixels (Facebook Pixel - Google Adwords Pixel - LinkedIn Insight Tag)
  • Link expiration
  • Full-Page script
  • Quick Shortener
  • Adblock detection

Legal URL Shortener will not be limited to these features and it will be updated from time to time to fit the needs and to provide the best solutions for its users.
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