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:emoji_file_folder: Each member can create their own Blogs and send unlimited number of blog entries in it. Its possible to upload attachments right inside the blog entry. This Blog Service is one of the most advanced Blog services.

:emoji_ballot_box_with_check: Below you can see features of Blogs:

:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: Up to 1.0.0:
  • Create Unlimited Blogs (2 Freely - and more can be created by spending a few credits)
  • Unlimited Blog Entries in each blog
  • Attach unlimited files in each blog entries
  • Ability to use attached images inline (into content)
  • Different Prefixes for different contents for blog entires
  • Comment on blog entries
  • Rate and Review blog entries
  • Watch blog entry and get notifications
  • Watch blog and get notifications
  • Watch Author and get notifications
  • Like, Report, and ...
  • Gallery for each blog entry
  • Gallery for each blog
  • Publish at a specific date/time (past or future)
  • Save blog entry as Draft
  • Reply to comments
  • Reply to rate and reviews
  • Alert and email for any event
  • Ability to lock comments in each blog entry
  • Statistics for blog and blog entry
  • Ability to display About Author in blog and blog entry
  • Sharing system (in social networks)
  • Tag
  • Top blogs
  • Top authors
  • Top commentors
  • Top reviewers
  • New contents (blogs, blog entry, comments, reviews and ...)
  • Advanced search
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.1.0:
  • Move a blog entry from a blog to another blog.
  • Reassign a blog to another member (ask via a ticket)
  • Drop down of Categories list in different part
  • Filter blogs and blog entries based on categories
  • Featured blog
  • Featured blog entries
  • Show location on map in blog entry
  • Average ratings of blog
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.1.1:
  • Ability to convert a thread to blog entry (posts of thread will become comments of blog entry)
  • Category selection for blog entry limited to 3.
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.2.0:
  • RSS for each blog
  • Ability to create Series
  • Series page
  • Watch Series
  • Table of Content for Series
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.2.2:
  • New and better layout for choosing applicable categories while posting new blog entry or editing existings
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.3.0:
  • Watch Category
  • Move own blog entry from own blog to another your own
  • dedicate search of blogs, its title and description and blog entries
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.4.0:
  • Author page and Authors index page updated
  • Review count added on Layouts
  • 2 new Blog Entries sort order added (Date: Latest Comment - Date: Latest Review)
  • 1 new Blog Entry sort order updated (latest entry)
  • 4 new Filters added for blogs (Has Entries - No Entries - Open Community Blogs - Restricted Community Blogs)
  • Reassign Blog Entry added (moderators only)
  • Reassign Blog added (moderators only)
  • Community Blogs (Now you can manage your blogs with others, if you want)
  • Media Gallery integration (Now you can set album, video or images from Media in your blog entries)
  • Category Selection is now required when creating or editing blog entry
  • Comments Attachment
  • Blogs Slider added in Blogs List page
  • Location for blog entry (now you can show a location on map in your blog entry)
  • Reply Ban added for blogs (set who can review or comment on your blog)
  • Reply ban added to blog entries (set who can review or comment on your blog entries, individually)
:emoji_eight_spoked_asterisk: In 1.5.0:
  • Search comments and Reviews
Blogs of Legal Social Network is not limited to these features and we try to keep it updated.
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