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Link Articles (Legal Social Network)

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:emoji_closed_book: For almost all fields of law, a dedicated category is created and all members can submit unlimited number of articles and all users can rate and review articles and discuss in each of them.

:emoji_bookmark:Up to 1.3.0:
  • Complete List of Categories
  • Featured Authors
  • Top Authors
  • Top Commentors
  • Top Reviewers
  • Statistics
  • List of Recent Articles
  • Different Layouts
  • Attach unlimited files to article
  • Link a media or album to an article
  • Add videos from media to sidebar of article
  • Comment
  • Attach images for comments and reviews
  • Feature rich Review system
  • Watch author, article and category
  • Dedicated page for each author
  • Display About Author in article page
  • Sharing system
  • Draft
  • Scheduled article posting
  • Lock/Unlock comments for each article
  • Multi-Page article - Table of Contents
  • Profile tab for each user about their articles
  • Filter
  • Alerts
:emoji_bookmark:In 1.4.0:
  • Recent Review sidebar block
  • Most used tags sidebar block
  • Location field (on the map) for each article
  • Ability to lock/unlock comments in each article
  • Main Source fields
:emoji_bookmark:In 1.5.0:
  • Alert When Article is Featured or Unfeatured
  • Series (now you can create unlimited series and add unlimited articles to each series and have Table of Contents for them)
  • Categories Blocks in different parts
:emoji_bookmark:In 1.5.1:
  • Own Tab for Non-Image attached files
:emoji_bookmark:In 1.6.0:
  • added "View Full Article" for pages, in articles that have multiple pages
  • ability to attach images in article's pages
  • Ability to Ban users from Replying to articles
  • Search Comments and Reviews
  • Attachment system for comments
  • Report articles, comments, reviews and ...
:emoji_warning: Articles part of Legal Social Network in not limited to these features and we try to keep it updated.
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