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Link Advertising (Legal Social Network)

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:emoji_gay_pride_flag: To show your advertisements in Legal Social Network (FA), simply go to advertising page and purchase the package you need. Then you can activate your advertisements and analyze them and even view its different statistics. Advertising system of Legal Social Network is one of the best ads systems.

:emoji_bookmark: Up to 1.25.1:
  • Different types of ad
    • Code (Javascript, HTML and Flash)
    • Banner (in different sizes and ability to upload them)
    • Text
    • Link
    • Keyword
    • Sticky Thread
    • Featured Resource
  • +80 positions
  • Display ads individually, grouped or in rotation
  • Display the same ad(s) on multiple position(s) at the same time
  • Rotate multiple ads in any of the 7 available orders: Ad order asc/desc, Ad creation date asc/desc, Ad CTR asc/desc, random.
  • View detailed statistics for each ad
  • Manage multiple ads at the same time
  • Choose who will see the ads, where and when
  • Automate the ad selling process
  • Ability to purchase and activate unlimited ad (up to the existing number)
  • See past and current invoices
  • Coupon and Promo Code
  • Personalize each ad to recognize them faster
  • Geo Targeting
  • Device Criteria
  • Alert on different situations
  • Ability to upload additional banner
  • Ability to Pause the ad for a while
  • Click statistics of ad (where, when, who and ...)
Legal social network's advertising system is not limited to these features and we try to keep it updated.
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