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:emoji_scales: Legal Social Network (EN) is a professional invirenment for members of legal society of English Speakers. Different tools and features are provided to let members have their best experience. This site is not focused on any special country or legal system and is hosting lawyers, judges and any other member of legal society from all around the world. To know more about each part, click on its title below:
:emoji_warning: This list will be updated each time that Legal Social Network be updated and new parts be added.

:emoji_heavy_plus_sign: The list above, is MAIN PARTS of legal social network and you can see their features in their dedicated page. But there are some features and tools which are general (that means they are in all around the legal social network and not for a special part). These general features are:
  • Profile Page for each member
  • Complete Account page (settings, preferences and every single part of the account can be contorlled by member)
  • Complete Alert system (to notify member about any event related to the account)
  • Different Communication Tools (Conversation - Chat - Profile Message and ...)
  • Follow and Watch user and content and parts system.
  • Bookmark system (be able to bookmark contents and take note of them for future reference)
  • Two-Step Authentication system.
  • Wallet.
  • Content Rating system.
  • Ability to recover account info.
  • Session manager.
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