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:emoji_newspaper: Its normal that sometimes people don't have enough time to login to their accounts to check different parts one by one and participate in discussions and other subjects. So, we may prefer sometimes to get daily digests of different parts of our favorite subjects and sites in our email so that we be able to check them faster and easier. Also why not getting a newsletter of subjects that we are interested in? This is what Newsletter of Legal Social Network does.

:emoji_white_check_mark: To Subscribe in each newsletter, you need to visit Newsletter's main page and choose any newsletter that you want to subscribe in it.
  • Different Newsletters
  • Subscribe individually
  • Manage Keywords (to limit emails your receive)
  • Emails History (to see older emails sent in a newsletter)
  • Automatic subscribe system
  • Unsubscribe feedback
  • Daily and Weekly and Monthly Digests
  • Inactivity Reminder
:emoji_warning:Although newsletters only send the contents that they promise, but anyway, In each email that you receive, you will have an Unsubscribe link, so that you be able to stop receiving emails from that newsletter at any time. You can also visit newsletters page and unsubscribe any of them at anytime. You can also limit individual newsletters so that they just send those emails that have special keywords (you can manage keywords in each newsletter)
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