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Link Groups (Legal Social Network)

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:emoji_busts_in_silhouette: Users can create groups and inside them, create their own forums and media and events and ...! Group owner can manage group's members and set different roles.

:emoji_gear: Up to 2.6.4:
  • Create unlimited Groups (2 for free - additional by paying a few credits)
  • Customize Group as you wish
  • Create unlimited Forums for your Group
  • Cover and Logo
  • Public or Private Groups
  • Add or invite users to Groups
  • Watch Group or Category
  • Groups Statistics
  • Different member roles for Groups
  • Manage Groups members and their roles and permissions
  • Public, member only and staff only posting type.
  • Groups Rules
  • Feature Rich Event system
  • Send alerts to Groups members
  • Enable/Disable notification for each post
  • Ribbon
  • Tabs manager
  • Attach files in Groups posts
  • Profile tab for groups created and group joined
  • Search in each group
  • Like, comment and report and ...
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.5.0:
  • NewsFeeds on Groups wall
  • Invite in active users to be active in Groups, automatically
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.5.1:
  • FAQ tab
  • Media tab
  • Groups tagline
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.5.2:
  • Display Groups Ribbon in profile page
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.5.8:
  • Different NewsFeed added
  • Groups Language
  • Event Location on map
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.6.0:
  • Logo (poster) for Event
  • Import event as iCalendar
  • Export event as iCalendar
  • Multiple settings added to Groups
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.7.2:
  • Auto create logo for the groups that don't have logo uploaded (based on their name)
  • Auto Suggest address in events
  • Like event on newsfeed on group wall
  • Improvement for time picker of event
  • Displaying the number of members awaiting approval for groups
  • Ability to set URL Portion for group
  • added "Join Group" in groups list page
:emoji_bookmark: In 2.8.6:
  • Showing group Language on information tab
  • Groups list improvements (displaying some statistics + join/leave quickly and directly from groups list)
  • Add/Edit Forums permissions added to Moderator role (group owner can promote any group member)
  • Asking for confirmation when deleting a member from a group
:emoji_warning: Social Groups part in Legal Social Network is not limited to these features and we try to keep it updated.
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