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  1. Legal URL Shortener

    Link Legal URL Shortener

    Legal URL Shortener is a service provided by Dadparvar for the members of legal society of the world to let them manage their legal URLs and keep track of them. Main features of the service is as below: Version 4.3.2: Create an account and manage URLs Dashboard to show quick statistics Summary...
  2. Hello Legal Social Network!

    Hello Legal Social Network!

    Hello and Welcome to Legal Social Network, We are proud to announce that finally, Legal Social Network (EN) launched! (You can read more about this service HERE!) Our goal is to create a full feature, professional environment for members of legal society from all over the world, so that they...
  3. Media (Legal Social Network)

    Link Media (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_satellite: Each member can create their own albums and upload as much legal media as they want. Also they can fully moderate their albums and media and members can discuss and rate and review them. :emoji_bookmark: Up to 1.1.3: Upload unlimited Videos and Images Embed videos Batch...
  4. Newsletters (Legal Social Network)

    Link Newsletters (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_newspaper: Its normal that sometimes people don't have enough time to login to their accounts to check different parts one by one and participate in discussions and other subjects. So, we may prefer sometimes to get daily digests of different parts of our favorite subjects and sites in...
  5. Resources (Legal Social Network)

    Link Resources (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_shopping_bags: For other files and contents that its dedicated part is not created in Legal Social Network, Resources is appropriate. Of course there are different categories for different content types. :emoji_bookmark: Up to 1.2.2: Share contents and files (link, upload and ...) Icon...
  6. Advertising (Legal Social Network)

    Link Advertising (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_gay_pride_flag: To show your advertisements in Legal Social Network (FA), simply go to advertising page and purchase the package you need. Then you can activate your advertisements and analyze them and even view its different statistics. Advertising system of Legal Social Network is one...
  7. Blogs (Legal Social Network)

    Link Blogs (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_file_folder: Each member can create their own Blogs and send unlimited number of blog entries in it. Its possible to upload attachments right inside the blog entry. This Blog Service is one of the most advanced Blog services. :emoji_ballot_box_with_check: Below you can see features of...
  8. Legal Social Network

    Link Legal Social Network

    :emoji_scales: Legal Social Network (EN) is a professional invirenment for members of legal society of English Speakers. Different tools and features are provided to let members have their best experience. This site is not focused on any special country or legal system and is hosting lawyers...
  9. Articles (Legal Social Network)

    Link Articles (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_closed_book: For almost all fields of law, a dedicated category is created and all members can submit unlimited number of articles and all users can rate and review articles and discuss in each of them. :emoji_bookmark:Up to 1.3.0: Complete List of Categories Featured Authors Top...
  10. Groups (Legal Social Network)

    Link Groups (Legal Social Network)

    :emoji_busts_in_silhouette: Users can create groups and inside them, create their own forums and media and events and ...! Group owner can manage group's members and set different roles. :emoji_gear: Up to 2.6.4: Create unlimited Groups (2 for free - additional by paying a few credits)...