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Hello Legal Social Network!

Hello and Welcome to Legal Social Network,

We are proud to announce that finally, Legal Social Network (EN) launched!
Legal Social Network (EN) is a professional invirenment for members of legal society of English Speakers. Different tools and features are provided to let members have their best experience. This site is not focused on any special country or legal system and is hosting lawyers, judges and any other member of legal society from all around the world.
(You can read more about this service HERE!)

Our goal is to create a full feature, professional environment for members of legal society from all over the world, so that they be able to increase the quality of LAW in every single aspect! We hope to reach to this goal soon, step by step.

Legal Social Network has different parts and each part has lots of features. Its hard to point to every single feature but we provided a very short description about each part separately in Legal Social Network's Showcase item. (you can comment on each item and discuss about its features or suggest new features)

Also we created a dedicated Group in Social Groups part of Legal Social Network, where you can find some tutorials about how to work with different parts of Legal Social Network (in Forums of Group). If you want a tutorial that is not created yet, then you can post in Group's wall and request it. We all try to provide a useful tutorial for it as soon as possible.

You (Students, Teachers, Lawyers, Judges and any members of legal society from all over the world) are invited to Legal Social Network.
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