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Android Lexicons 1.0

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Lexicons is an application for law students to help them get more organized by letting them create Notebooks and add Unlimited Notes and TO-DOs.

There are a lot of note taking applications out there and they are even more feature rich, but Lexicons focused on the must-have feature and also removed the additional steps and buttons like save and confirm dialog boxes to confirm save. This way, you only need to focus the main work which is Note Taking and when done, hit the back button and the application will save it.

You can also customize each note by changing the color of background and text of the note. (more customization options may be added in future)

You can also set the list of the notes to be List View or Grid View.

To help you be even more organized, there is Reminder for notes. You can set the reminder for each note or To-Do and it will push a notification in the date and time you set.

If you want to mark any note as important, you can simply do it with one single touch.

And finally, Lexicons is, and will remain FREE! (donations are always welcome)
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