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Jurist Doctors Without Borders raises alarm over continuing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan

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Nov 11, 2016
Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, has raised alarms about the worsening conditions for internally displaced persons in South Sudan across Twic County, Warrap State. These reports come as the aid group’s ability to function is reportedly limited due to difficulty bringing medical supplies and staff into the country.

MSF moved from the city of Agok to Twice County in 2022 to better support camps of internally displaced persons in the region. MSF reports that over 30,000 people are currently residing in these camps across the county, with scant resources available. One camp resident, Amou Lang Deng, states, “Life in the camp is very difficult as there is no food. There are some organizations, but delays between distributions are significant, and the quantities are insufficient.”

MSF’s project coordinator for Twic County, Beatriz Martinez De La Fuente, warned conditions are likely to worsen, saying, “The conflict is still ongoing and considering that this area is likely to get flooded during the rainy season, the situation could become even more difficult for people here.”

This statement comes as Dr. Ahmed Abd-elrahman, director of operations at MSF in Brussels, warned of increasing difficulties for MSF working in South Sudan, saying:

As the situation stands today, I am gravely concerned that without additional staff and the ability to move essential supplies where they are needed, many of MSF’s lifesaving activities may have to be put on hold….While we managed to obtain a few visas recently, we urgently need more. Without new staff and the possibility to move essential supplies in the country, many humanitarian operations in many parts of the country may grind to a halt.
MSF also recently reported that Fateh Elrahman Hassan Gasim Tirab, a medical professional who worked with MSF for two and a half years in South Sudan, was killed in a bombing in Nyala.

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) found that there were approximately 1.5 million internally displaced persons in South Sudan in 2022.

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