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  1. Legal URL Shortener

    Link Legal URL Shortener

    Legal URL Shortener is a service provided by Dadparvar for the members of legal society of the world to let them manage their legal URLs and keep track of them. Main features of the service is as below: Version 4.3.2: Create an account and manage URLs Dashboard to show quick statistics Summary...
  2. Hamed-Azimi

    Android Lexicons - Lexicons

    Lexicons is an application for law students to help them get more organized by letting them create Notebooks and add Unlimited Notes and TO-DOs. There are a lot of note taking applications out there and they are even more feature rich, but Lexicons focused on the must-have feature and also...
  3. Legal Social Network - Logo 1

    Legal Social Network - Logo 1

    First published Logo Reveal video for Legal Social Network
  4. My Highlights From the Book "Rework"

    Book My Highlights From the Book "Rework"

    Click Here if you want to buy Rework! I highly recommend to buy this book and read it. Notes below are just the parts that I highlighted in my book. Reading them alone won't help that much as some of them may look totally wrong based on some theories, but when you read them in the context, you...
  5. Legal Social Network

    Legal Social Network

    Legal Social Network (EN) is a professional invirenment for members of legal society of English Speakers. Different tools and features are provided to let members have their best experience. This site is not focused on any special country or legal system and is hosting lawyers, judges and any...
  6. Dadparvar


    Since 2012 Dadparvar started as a simple blog. Its activity was limited to provide legal contents and advice. Since 2012 (Summer) As the blog has been changed, Dadparvar started to provide new services like Forums, Legal Social Networks, Legal Media Center and ... hosted +18.000 members. Since...
  7. Gentility of the law

    Gentility of the law

    Gentility of the law -- Naser Katouzian
  8. Hamed-Azimi

    Series in Blogs

    A blog lets its owner to have a dedicated part to write and share his/her blog entries. (read more about blogs: Blogs (Legal Social Network)) There is no limit or restrictions in the number of blog entries in each blog, or in the content of each blog entry. But sometimes the author prefers to...
  9. Hamed-Azimi

    Create, Import and Export Events in Groups?

    Each Group can have its own Events section. Users with appropriate role and permissions can: add events import events export events Note 1: to import the event, you need to use an iCalendar format file! Note 2: exported event will have .ics format! How to create an event in Group? Click on...
  10. Hamed-Azimi

    How to get Verified Badge next to username?

    In order to get the Verified Badge, you need to fill an appropriate form. Click Here to see the list of Forms! Note: this form can be filled once by each person. Once the form is filled, it will be checked by staffs, and the decision will be made. If accepted, then the badge will be added, and...